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Everyone who visits your website will immediately make a judgement about it based on the look and layout alone. As more and more people are using the World Wide Web to find businesses, listen/download music and look at portfolios, this is typically the first time they will see you, listen to your music, or read about your company.

We understand the importance of a professional, visual, and quality website. We have created a variety of websites in different fields with the same common goal of bringing more business, fans or jobs to all of our clients. We are capable of recreating any website on the Internet for our clients at a fraction of what the original owner paid for the website.

The visual impact of a website is one of the primary reasons someone will choose to further review, buy, or browse through your website. Therefore, the focus should be on a high quality, well thought out website. Without this people will rarely read your content, understand your business, or buy your merchandise.

The key to an appealing website is a combination of high resolution images, nice color selections that fit you or your business, and easy flowing page layouts and designs. Our designers blend these three key elements together perfectly resulting in a visually appealing effective website.

Some steps that we take in our design process:

  • We ask you questions about your business, music, or career to help better understand overall what you are looking to have your website accomplish.
  • We can show you other website's that people have paid thousands of dollars for. These can be recreated for you at a fraction of the cost.
  • You can show or tell us what you want your website to look like and we will bring it to life.
  • All our website's have custom administration centers which give our clients the ability to fully update, delete, and add content to your website. We also provide full training videos and support on showing you how to use the administration center to make it as easy on our clients as possible.
  • Each website is custom hand coded by us which ensures your website is running fast, smooth, and at top performance in web browsers.
  • Your feedback is also very important to us. We want you to be completely satisfied with you website.

We pride ourselves on giving the best value, quality, service, and support to our clients at a fraction of the cost of other companies. Read all about our other services we offer and if you have any questions or would like to let us get started in making your vision come to life please contact us anytime, we look forward to hearing from you!

All our work is performed in house, in the United States, and nothing is ever outsourced.

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I am very lucky and happy to have found Chris at Kreative Wolf to complete my website. I have worked with other companies on website design and I know how much work it can be. When it came to doing my personal business page from scratch, it was difficult for me to explain my needs. Chris knew how to direct me in finding what works best and what will work for me in the future. He is beyond patient and will take the time to explain and teach the reasons why a design will or won't work. H...

Natasha Bostick - Burbank, CA

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